Why Wouldn’t You Verify Your Mortgage Leads?

If you are a mortgage lender and you purchase internet mortgage leads, you know that not every lead  turns into a loan. At, we process over 2 million mortgage leads per month and we see that about 25% of the leads are NOT homeowners and that another 14% have negative equity, a notice of default […]


Case Study: Mine Lead Lists for Current Opportunities

Client Requirement: A large mortgage lender was spending $125,000 on internet leads per month and had $2,000,000 worth of leads in stock. He wanted to mine the existing leads for the ones that could fund and find a way to make his loan officers more efficient at closing loans to make his organization more competitive. […]


2 Million Leads Analyzed Per Month

Over 2 million mortgage loans leads are analyzed monthly by Three of the largest mortgage lenders in the U.S. use for insight on every lead and three of the largest lead aggregators use to analyze their marketing spend.  The LeadXL suite of products provide lead analytics to organizations to solve their […]


Case Study: Valid Leads

Client Requirement A mortgage lender purchased 2 marketing lead lists from different vendors that were advertised as containing VA loans. Each list contained 5,000 leads and the total cost for both lists was roughly $20,000. The mortgage lender wanted data on how many of the leads he purchased were valid. Solution used their […]


Lenders Close More Loans Using Analytics on Leads

Lenders Close More Loans Using Analytics on Leads The mortgage industry is changing.  As rates rise, the market is becoming much more competitive and origination rates are dropping. Increased competition will cause some lenders to go out of business, while others will increase loan funding and capture more market share. The lenders that thrive will […]


Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

When it comes to marketing, small businesses may face obstacles because of lower revenue and investment funds. This calls for more effective marketing strategies at lower costs which would enable small businesses to grow and have a better reach among the audiences. One of the important marketing strategies is content marketing. There are a few […]


Tips to Get Your Brand Noticed

Making in-person contact with consumers in order to get your brand noticed can be difficult and expensive. Yes, participating in trade shows or being present on billboards can drive sales. However, this medium has a limited reach and presents immense expenditure and management issues. A more effective way to do this is to optimize your […]


Mobile Marketing Trends to Take Advantage Of

It is estimated that at least 6 billion people have access to mobile phones. This is quite a big percentage of mobile users, and businesses are taking advantage of the convenience of mobile phones to change the realm of marketing and advertising. Technology has bred a new generation of individuals who are using mobile phones […]


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