If You Sell Real Estate Or Loans...

RealTAG Will Change The Way You Work Leads

Struggling to make leads work? Give us 5 seconds.

Leads do work.  Period.  The question has always been which are the good ones, and which are not so good?  Which do you call now, and which do you call later.

Introducing RealTAG.

RealTAG turns prospects into clients by instantly delivering a wealth of personal, privacy free qualification information about the prospect in less than 5 seconds.  If you originate loans, sell real estate, or operate a real estate based call center, RealTAG will change the way you sell!

Think of RealTAG like a free look at the client’s credit report…

With only a name, and address, RealTAG delivers a complete easy to understand property based background report on your prospect.  Since most consumer’s current home is their greatest asset and the source of their next loan, or move, RealTAG gives you an up to the minute qualification snapshot.

Because not all buyers are liars…

Over 225 financial  data elements about your lead, in one easy to understand report, generated on demand before you say “Hello”.

RealTAG makes lending and real estate professionals sell smarter.

The RealTAG platform represents the next generation consumer lead qualification for the lending, real estate and call center industries.  Questions?  Please call us directly at 877-245-3237 or click here.

Real TAG

RealTAG is...

Desktop Lead Qualification for Real Estate Pro’s


Designed for Telephone Sales

RealTAG was designed to be so simple to use, and easy to understand that it can be used anywhere – even “live” call, or in person sales environments

If you have ever wondered who you are really talking to, run a RealTAG report, and you’ll know.

Enter Your Prospect's Address...

For Instant Critical Insight On Your Lead

The Homeowner

  • Title check

  • Last sale date

  • Last sale amount

  • Estimated Income

  • AVM based valuation

  • Current equity

The Home

  • Property characteristics

  • Square footage

  • Number of bed / baths

  • Year built

  • Property tax

  • School district

Liens & Market

  • Current lien(s)

  • Lien type

  • Originating lender

  • Last lien date

  • ARM data

  • Recent comps

  • And much, much more

The Smartest Salespeople..

Work The Best Leads

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Lenders and Loan Officers

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Real Estate Agents and Brokers

RealTAG call center

Call Centers

Find Opportunities...

No More Will Every Lead Be Equal

RealTAG lead qualification

Instant Property Check

A complete property based financial report with no privacy or FCRA concerns.  Over 225 data points in under 5 seconds!  RealTAG offer’s more up to date insight than any other program available today.  High, mid, & low value (AVM based) CLTV,  equity estimate, household income, all lien(s) and sales history, and much, much more!

RealTAG will tell you more in 5 seconds about your prospect than you would find out in 5 hours of homework!

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Big Data… No Headaches

RealTAG is Big Data!  Banking level AVM’s, true CLTV, lien history, current title…hundreds of data elements from over 3000 counties in the U.S. can be used to analyze the current state of every lead.  What’s more, we update our data weekly, so you will always be in the know with your new clients!

 145+ Million Properties

RealTAG is available on nearly  99% of the population: 145+ million U.S. properties. Wherever you work, in whatever markets you are in, RealTAG will give you the insight that you need close more deals today!


Buyers are Liars No More …

RealTAG allows our clients to check their leads based on inaccessible data for fraud. With title record, current lender, lien date(s), loan balances, RealTAG can effectively screen leads any lead source on a deeper level. 

If you’ve ever wondered about a new lead source, let RealTAG show you what you really have!

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Know More...

An in-depth look at your customer at “hello”

RealTAG is the only platform of it’s kind that offers instant access to 145+ million homes in the U.S.

Today, over a million leads, run on the LeadXL data platform, (which RealTAG is a part of) each and every month.  

With RealTAG working for your company, you too will know more in real time, and close more from the leads that you’ve invested in than you’ve ever thought possible. 


Is Part Of The LeadXL Lead Analytic Suite

Let Us Show You Success Today!

RealTAG gives our clients unparalleled insight into their customers, from the first time that they say “hello”.

Call (877) 245-3237 or click here for more information on what RealTAG can do for you.

Give us 5 minutes of your time, and we’ll show you what 50,000 past and current clients already know about iLeads.com…Success!

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