Exclusive Mortgage Leads Do Exist...

  LeadXL Revive Will Hand Them To You

Capture new opportunities in old leads

You’ve made a significant investment in customer acquisition. LeadXL Revive will allow you to harvest that investment over and over.

LeadXL Revive is up to date collateral analysis and dispositioning of your old lead or customer database for remarketing.

How do we do it?  Revive analyzes  and appends your existing clients (or leads) database with 271+ up to date title, current lien(s), tax, valuation, sales history, comparable sales, property characteristics, and much more.   

Revive uses that data repository to analyze, grade, and identify new prospects in your existing database.  Revive allows you to realize new ROI on leads or clients that you may not have the ability or time to analyze yourself.

Recycle your marketing investment over and over again!

The LeadXL Revive platform represents the next generation of mortgage lead generation for lenders.  Questions?  Please call us directly at 877-245-3237 or click here and we’ll contact you.

Lead XL Revive

Unlock New Revenue

In Milliseconds With LeadXL Revive


Step 1 – Your Leads Reborn…

LeadXL Revive works with your current lead sources and client databases.  No more guessing if there are missed opportunities in your marketing spend.  No more working through old client  folders to see where the customer is today, or guessing if you might be able to help.  Revive uses up to the minute data to determine if there is a deal…today!


Step 2 – The Homework…

Every lead is verified, appended (current title, lien,valuation, property, sales and tax data), analyzed, and sorted.  Revive runs a complete collateral analysis on each and every lead in your database to compare with current market conditions and your guidelines.  With up to date, world class banking level property, lien and valuation data, Revive can do more analysis than the smartest loan officer.


Step 3 – Exclusive Leads

LeadXL Revive identifies current opportunities for a new loan in your existing lead or client database.  Clients, or leads that you do not have to compete with other lenders on.  Exclusive leads.  Revive uses your current lending guidelines to provide a truly ongoing data mine that allows for a lower cost per funded loan.


Step 4 – Tuned to your fundings...

LeadXL Revive’s performance is checked against your, (and your competitors) actual fundings every month.  Using LeadXL Performance to analyze the fundings on ALL leads that have funded a loan (through you or your competitors) LeadXL Revive continues to evolve and tune to your specific strengths and weaknesses.

Recapture 'Lost' Marketing Dollars

Revive Reconnects With Existing Clients

Today, over a million mortgage leads run through LeadXL every month. Three of the largest lenders in the U.S. trust LeadXL for insight on every lead.

LeadXL Revive is a powerful big data solution that can take your lending operations to the next level.  Questions?  Call us at 877-245-3237 or click here


Big Data… No Headaches

Banking level AVM’s, true CLTV, lien history, current title…hundreds of data elements can be used to analyze the current state of every lead.  Whats more, all updates are server side, so new lending guidelines means Revive continues to work for you.

  145+ Million Properties

LeadXL Revive is available to analyze nearly  99% of the population: 145+ million U.S. properties. Wherever you lend, Revive will unlock new and potential opportunities on the customers that you already own!


LeadXL Revive


Is Part Of The LeadXL Lead Analytic Suite

Let Us Show You Success Today!

Give us 5 minutes of your time, and we’ll show you what 50,000 past and current clients already know about iLeads.com…Success!

Call (877) 245-3237 or click here for more information on what LeadXL Revive can do for you.

Lead XL Revive
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