Lead Sources Are Not Equal...

LeadXL Performance Knows Which Really Funds

Do you fund every mortgage lead you should?

You’ve made a significant investment in customer acquisition.  LeadXL Performance is loan / lead level marketing reporting to ensure that investment is being spent wisely.

Put simply, LeadXL Performance alerts lenders if a lead funds, and with whom…nationwide. 

With that data Performance can examine every dollar of your marketing spend to measure actual funding potential and ROI, and much, much more.

Performance tells lenders exactly what happened with each and every dollar of their marketing spend.

Think about it.   With Performance your marketing spend no longer is a black hole of jumping from lead source to lead source.  No more worry about bogus leads.  No more wondering what your marketing / lead share looks like.

With LeadXL Performance, you’ll know exactly which sources are creating loans, (including for your competition) and which are not.

The LeadXL Performance platform represents the next generation of mortgage lead analytics for lenders.  Questions?  Please call us directly at 877-245-3237 or click here and we’ll contact you.

Lead XL Performance

Do You Really Know...

Your True Sales / Funding Performance?


Step 1 – Leads from ANY source…

LeadXL Performance works with any existing lead source that you use.  Whether your lead sources are online or off, call center, mail or Internet.

Whether you closed the loan or one of your competitors did, Performance gives you a true picture of market share and win vs. loss performance.

Performance will analyze and measure each of your marketing sources based on actual loan fundings.


Step 2 – Analyze what happened

Every lead that you have generated is verified, appended, analyzed, with up to date collateral and current lender information.  Performance runs a complete collateral analysis on each and every lead from EVERY source.  With up to date, world class banking level property, lien and valuation data, Performance can do more analysis than the best sales manager or smartest CMO..in seconds!

If a loan has recorded, you’ll know who got it, when it happened, and what type it was


Step 3 – Track, Measure, Adjust...

For most lenders, the marketing spend is the crucial difference between stunning success and abject failure.  Today, if you’re depending on data from your sales floor, or trying to measure based on soft metrics, you’re not getting the full picture.  Add LeadXL Performance to your tool chest, and  you will have the data that you need to make smarter, better-informed decisions today,

Loan production should never be guesswork.


Step 4 – Tune Your Spend...

Results!  Performance is updated monthly with your, (and your competitors) actual fundings.  By identifying ALL leads that have funded a loan (by your company, or your competitors) Performance gives you the intelligence to tune to your specific strengths and weaknesses.  Buy more of one channel or lead provider.  Change your media mix based on real conditions, down to the Loan Officer desktop level.

Competition is not a choice.  Having the best intelligence is!

Our Top Lenders...

Fund 20+% of the Leads They See.  Do you?

Today, over a million mortgage leads run through LeadXL every month. In fact the largest lenders in the U.S. trust LeadXL Performance for insight on every lead.

LeadXL Performance is a powerful big data solution that can take your lending operations to the next level.  Questions?  Call us at 877-245-3237 or click here

No More Guesswork...

You’ll Never Look At Your Leads the Same Way


Big Data… No Headaches

Banking level AVM’s, true CLTV, lien history, current title…hundreds of data elements can be used to analyze the current state of every lead.  Whats more, all updates are server side, so new lending guidelines means Performance continues to work for you.

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Your L.O.’s Will Thank You…

Solve the sales vs. marketing lead quality argument with LeadXL Performance.  Analyze and track win’s vs. loss on each lead down to the individual lead and loan officer desktop.

Your LO’s demand the best leads? Performance will prove it!

 145+ Million Properties

LeadXL Performance is available to analyze nearly  99% of the population: 145+ million U.S. properties. Wherever you lend, Performance will unlock new insight and intelligence on your sales and your competition!


No More Bogus Leads …

LeadXL Performance allows lenders to check their leads based on inaccessible data for fraud. With title record, current lender, lien date(s), loan balances, LeadXL Performance allows lenders to analyze any lead source on a deeper level. 

If you’ve ever wondered about a new lead source, let Performance show you what you really have!

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Is Part Of The LeadXL Lead Analytic Suite

Let Us Show You Success Today!

Give us 5 minutes of your time, and we’ll show you what 50,000 past and current clients already know about iLeads.com…Success!

Call (877) 245-3237 or click here for more information on what LeadXL Performance can do for you.

Lead XL Performance
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