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HomeLoanAdvisor is a first of it’s kind site that helps lenders generate high quality, low cost mortgage leads.  One of iLeads.com’s Intelligent Web Properties, HomeLoanAdvisor is truly a next generation lead generation platform.

Utilizing iLeads.com’s title, lien and property data HomeLoanAdvisor (HLA) offers consumers outstanding value, by both analyzing their home in real time to see if they may qualify for a loan, as well as delivering a free detailed home report as a “thank you”.

What’s more, HomeLoanAdvisor offers our Lending partners short form (six required fields) lead conversion performance with accurate near 1003 lead output.  With it outstanding conversion metrics, HLA  consistently out performs standard lead generation web forms through all types of traffic including search, social, email, direct mail, and television.

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The HLA platform represents a revolution in consumer lead generation for the mortgage industry.  Questions?  Please call us directly at 877-245-3237 or click here.

Can I Refinance?

 HLA Answers What Consumers Want To Know


Incredible conversion rates for mortgage lead generation!

80%+ of visitors submit their address

60%+ of visitors submit a valid email address

30%+ of visitors come back on their own

Real value for consumers vs. traditional lead generation:

Instant analysis on 145+ million homes!

Free property report as your thank you!

Consumers return again & again for updates!

HomeLoanAdvisor is

Intelligent Lead Generation for Lending


Real Value For Lenders AND Consumers

HLA requires the consumer provide very little personal information vs. traditional mortgage lead generation.  While traditional mortgage lead generation offers low conversion, leads generated through HLA are:

  1. Highly accurate
  2. AVM valued
  3. Title verified
  4. All liens disclosed
  5. Low cost

HomeLoanAdvisor uses banking level data to analyze every visitors home.


Unique Data To Keep Consumers

Unlike traditional mortgage lead generation sites, HomeLoanAdvisor gives consumers data that is both valuable and unique:

  1. Banking level AVM valuations
  2. Neighborhood sales
  3. Equity calculations and liens
  4. Foreclosures and N.O.D’s
  5. Market trends

HLA visitors stay on our thank you page on average 3.5 minutes giving our partners great branding exposure, and time to contact.

Home Loan Advisor

Designed for your brand

HomeLoanAdvisor is available to our partners in two main formats:

1. Private label:
We will create and host for you a private label version of HomeLoanAdvisor that is tailored to your brand and sensibilities, while following our proven format for high conversion and consumer satisfaction.

2. Partner Direct:
We will provide you custom tags for driving traffic to an unique encrypted URL for your use.  You drive the traffic, we share in the leads and revenue, depending on your model and our needs.

Who Is HomeLoanAdvisor for?

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Loan Officers

RealTAG call center

Lending Call Centers

A Smarter Way To Generate Leads
With HomeLoanAdvisor

HomeLoanAdvisor is the only platform of it’s kind that offers instant access to 145+ million properties in the U.S.   Couple that data with our collateral analysis engine , and HLA is able to deliver the right lead to our lender partners. 

The result:

Engaged, Enlightened and Responsive Leads!

Let Us Show You Success Today!

HomeLoanAdvisor gives our clients unparalleled lead generation coupled with insight into their customers, from the first time that they say “hello”.

Call (877) 245-3237 or click here for more information on what HomeLoanAdvisor can do for you.

Give us 5 minutes of your time, and we’ll show you what 50,000 past and current clients already know about iLeads.com…Success!

Home Loan Advisor
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    Want To Fund More Deals?
    Let HomeLoanAdvisor generate your leads!

    With just a name and address, HomeLoanAdvisor performs a real time collateral analysis of a consumers home, and appends up to 225 current AVM, title, lien and property elements to create a long form lead.

    Welcome To Intelligent Lead Gen for Lending!

    Advertise or white label HLA today, and you'll have traffic AND more leads tomorrow!

    • High conversion (both lead and fundings)
    • Covers over 145+ million U.S. homes
    • High, mid, & low AVM valuation on lead
    • Full property report delivered to consumer
    • Call center friendly
    • Want to know more? Call us 877-245-3237:

    HomeLoanAdvisor IS Intelligent Lead Generation
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