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The regulatory landscape is constantly evolving, most recently with the latest TCPA regulations geared toward protecting consumers from auto-dialed calls to their mobile phones. The biggest problem with this newest regulation for our clients is two-fold:

  1. More than 40% of America now uses mobile phones as their primary telephony point of contact;
  2. The regulations specifically prohibit contact, unless the consumer has opted in, even if you have an existing relationship with that consumer. Capital One recently settled with the Federal Government for more than $75MM.

iLeads.com Compliance Resources can help you scrub your existing lists for DNC / TCPA compliance, as well as using our unique property and lien data to append to new or existing lists.

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Fines Up To $11,000 Per...

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TCPA Violations Happen Even With Clients

TCPA compliance is not just a telemarketing issue. If you contact customers on their wireless devices without explicit consent (having a business relationship with them is not enough), you are at risk. The fines are steep – $500 to $1500 per violation with recent cases settling for hundreds of thousands and even millions of dollars.

Our Compliance Resources are the only platform of their kind that offer both instant access to both DNC / wireless identification, as well as match and append access to  145+ million properties in the U.S.  

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Our Compliance Resources gives our clients unparalleled access to both up to date U.S. homeowners, as well as DNC / TCPA scrubs .  Call (877) 245-3237 or click here for more information on what iLeads.com’s Compliance Resources can do for you.

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