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LiveConnect by

LiveConnect by is the next generation real time hot transfer platform, built specifically with Lenders in mind.

LiveConnect combines real time Internet consumer leads with up to date banking level valuation, lien, equity and property data to deliver a collateral qualified borrower to your loan officers…on demand.

Offering a low cost per funded loan for every lending sales force, LiveConnect will change the way that you look at your customer acquisition strategies.

Fully Qualified Collateral At "Hello"

LiveConnect is the first transfer platform to validate and scrub Internet leads to be a perfect collateral match for your guidelines and programs.  That’s not an ideal boast.  Our data resources makes it possible

In less than a second the LiveConnect system validates, scrubs, and appraises the subject property to make sure that there is a perfect match, and that there will be no collateral surprises.  Today, run over a million leads on the our data platforms, every month.  See our process live on one of our consumer sites:

We'll Change The Way You Fund Loans

A dedicated account rep with years of experience helping guide our clients success.  A replacement policy that is second to none.  24/7 access to world class banking level collateral analysis.

Everything we do is designed to help our clients interact with, and close more of their new clients.  We’ll be happy to show you what tens of thousands of companies and top producing professionals have already discovered: delivers results.

Call us today at 877-245-3237 or Click Here and we’ll call you.

Live Connect

All Transfers Are Not Equal...

LiveConnect Gives Our Clients The Edge


Generate the Lead

Every LiveConnect transfer starts with a an interested consumer Internet inquiry.

Unlike traditional transfers that require that the consumer is both honest as well as knowledgeable about their situation, every LiveConnect transfer is backed by our extensive property and lien data to ensure a perfect transfer.


Confirm with the Consumer

Unlike traditional transfer programs, LiveConnect CSR’s scripts are customized based on the borrower’s situation from our data resources prior to every dial in real time.

Our CSR’s are able to instantly establish credibility based on knowledge about the consumers situation, build rapport, confirm interest, and initiate the transfer.

Analyze the Collateral

In milliseconds, the underlying collateral is analyzed, verified and matched against your guidelines and programs.

Once confirmed, dialing is initiated.


Bridge and Transfer

All LiveConnect collateral enhancements,  consumer needs, (as well as the original lead) are pushed into your CRM platform on every transfer.

Simultaneously our LiveConnect CSR places the consumer or hold to bring your L.O. up to speed on the client’s specific situation and wants and or needs. Then with a conference bridge between all parties, the CSR hands off the conversation to your L.O. to close.


Advanced Targeting

To Find Your Perfect Borrower 











Existing Clients


Since 1996

We’ve Introduced Our Clients To Their New Clients

Change Your Funding Metrics

ileads icons-38The LiveConnect process has been developed to drive qualified and interested consumer traffic into your loan officers, increasing volume of business, reducing the volume of wasted hours for your skilled staff.

With advanced filtering for the perfect match to your programs, as well as complete collateral verification and analytics, partnering with and LiveConnect means new businessGet started

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We’re far from just another lead company

Offering our clients unparalleled value and convenience for their customer acquisition strategies since 1996.  Call us today at (877) 245-3237 or click here for more information on what can do for you today!

We’ll show you what 50,000+ past and current clients already know about…Success!

Live Connect
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