Quality Lead & Customer Acquisition Solutions

Quality Lead & Customer Acquisition Solutions

Quality Lead & Customer Acquisition Solutions

Client Acquisition by iLeads.com

Leads work. Period. Since 1996, iLeads.com has helped over 3,873,612 insurance, mortgage and real estate professionals introduce themselves to their new clients through our leads.

Offering options for every sales force, our Customer Acquisition Suite encompasses Internet leads for the insurance, mortgage and real estate industries, as well as live call transfers and data lists covering 99% of the U.S. population.

Everything we do is designed to help our clients interact with, and close more of their new clients. We’ll be happy to show you what tens of thousands of companies and top producing professionals have already discovered: iLeads.com delivers results.

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  • customers 60,666
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Quality, Options and Conversion

Marketing Solutions To Grow Your Business

Our Insurance Lead Solutions are derived from experience! Since 1996, we’ve generated new high quality insurance leads for over 60,666 (and counting) top producers nationwide. National carrier or agent, we have solutions that fit. We offer quality leads for:

Our Mortgage Lead Solutions help our Lending clients close more loans. With advanced filtering for the perfect match to your programs, as well as verification and analytics, partnering with iLeads.com means new business. We offer quality leads for:

Our Real Estate Lead Solutions center around NeighborhoodIQ.com. In 3 seconds, we generate an up to date property, equity and neighborhood report for consumers, and presents it in an easy to understand friendly format. We offer quality leads for:

Our LiveConnect Hot Transfer‘s combine real time Internet leads with world class banking level property and lien data covering 145+ million U.S. homes. LiveConnect delivers a true qualified borrower to our customers on demand. We offer quality transfers for:


We were the first company on the Internet to offer a four time lead sale cap (still one of the lowest amongst our competition), as well as robust return policy on every lead we sell.

Even though most of our competition sells their leads more, and may squabble over returns, we just think that doesn’t give our clients the value that they deserve.

At iLeads.com, we have always believed that if we bring true value to our clients customer acquisition strategies, they’ll continue to be our clients…year in, and year out.


Every marketer / sales manager wants the best leads for their sales floor. Our leads are unique, in that we use real up to date banking level data to ensure that you get highly qualified leads.

Our databases match real time Internet inquiries with up to date financial and property data that covers 99% of the U.S population.

Why add all of that extra data to your leads? Because we think our clients results are worth it!


Marketing is not a “one size fits all” proposition. Since 1996, we’ve found that while some clients do well with some solutions, others acquire success through different options.

At iLeads.com, we offer a wide range of lead and marketing solutions, so that our clients have options for success.

Whatever works best for you and your organization; Leads, lists, transfers, or lead analytics, we have the solutions that will grow your business.


We’ve always believed that when our clients are successful, so are we. To help you be successful, we assign a dedicated account rep to every account.

Since our account reps average nearly 7 years experience selling our products, we think they have some great ideas to help.

Why should having a dedicated rep matter to you? Because whether you’ve got a question or concern, we take your success seriously.

Generating New Clients For Our Clients

Our Passion Since 1996

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We’re far from just a lead company

Offering our client’s unparalleled value and convenience for their customer acquisition strategies since 1996.

We’ll show you what 60,666+ past and current clients already know about iLeads.com…Success!

  • Premium Insurance Leads

    Internet Insurances Leads - Life, Health, Home, Auto, LTC, DL Real-time, Verified, Quality

  • Cherry pick and self serve lead options, at deply discounted rates.

  • Premium Mortgage Leads

    Internet Mortgage Leads - FHA, VA, HARP, Jumbo, Real Time, Collateral Verified

  • LiveConnect

    On-demand, live transfer platform built to drive more qualified business to your closers.

The iLeads.com suite of customer acquisition products are scalable to support from a single licensed agent to the largest lending, insurance, and real estate companies in the country. Contact us at (877) 245-3237 today to see how iLeads.com can introduce you to your next new client!

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