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Mortgage Lead Solutions for Lenders

Mortgage Lead Solutions for Lenders

Mortgage Lead Flow Chart

The concept is simple
The better you know your prospect, the better your chances of funding a loan.

That’s the idea behind’s exclusive Mortgage Plus leads, the industry’s first mortgage leads enhanced with real data, in real time, for real results. If you are working leads in today’s tough environment, you know that despite your consumer’s best intentions, their knowledge of their situation is often flawed. How many times have you worked a lead to find out that the equity just wasn’t there, or there was a second that they forgot to mention.

Not just an ordinary Internet mortgage lead
Gone are the days of relying on the consumer for information that may or may not be accurate - and always takes time to discover. Mortgage Plus Leads combine consumer driven, organic Internet mortgage leads, with an exclusive patent-pending process that matches those leads with the vast real estate databases of First American.

The result? Real-time, long-form leads packed with accurate loan and property data, equity position, lien holders, interest rates, and more - all to you at no additional charge!

We don’t just verify leads, we enhance them!

Taking too much risk with your marketing dollars
This is a very tough market! When you are spending your money on Internet mortgage leads, are you taking a risk? You bet you are! Equity, Value, accurate loan positions, if you are counting on the consumer to get it right, you’re taking too many risks!

With Mortgage Plus Leads, from, you’ll have accurate answers to these questions before you call. No more guesses, no more nasty surprises.

The bottom line
Don’t just buy ordinary Mortgage leads, start closing Mortgage Plus leads today - 877-245-3237

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Low Cost, High Return Alternative to Traditional Mortgage Leads

Get Your Share of the $1.5 Trillion ARM Refinance Market

It’s marketing 101
Match a consumer, to a product that meets a need. The need, is for the 6 million homeowners with Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM’s) scheduled to reset between now and 2011 to refi to a loan they can afford AND qualify for. You have the product. We have the consumers.

Introducing ARM Plus leads from

Not just any ARM lead, our ARM plus leads are funding up to 20%
Imagine having a DNC-compliant phone number of someone facing a budget-busting adjustable rate increase in 30, 60, 90, or even 120 days. Imagine having up to a 20% funding rate at a low, cost effective price per lead!

Our ARM leads are consumers that NEED your help. Each ARM Plus lead includes:

  • The ARM’s maximum interest rate & original appraised value
  • Estimated new payment, (post reset) & lien information
  • Marketing support
  • Ironclad Guarantee

Don’t just buy ordinary ARM leads, start closing ARM Plus leads today - 877-245-3237

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Hot Transfer Leads Are Consumers That Want to Talk Now

100% Contact, 50% app, 25% closing!

Spend your time closing, not dialing
If you’ve bought leads, chances are you’ve experienced the frustration. You call. Your completion calls. You call, and call again. Sometimes just getting the consumer on the phone is an uphill run. There is an alternative to the time intensive business of making contact with the consumer. Introducing Hot Transfer leads by

With Hot Transfer leads by, you’ll never have the frustration of fruitless dialing days again.

It’s a race, and your career is at stake
Hours and hours of dialing for consumers are tough on anyone. Often when you are ready to talk business, your customer is not. What’s worse is that you are not out there dialing alone. The bottom line is, if you aren’t making contact with your customer, your competition is!

Features that you can’t afford to ignore:

  • 100% contact rate
  • 100% exclusivity
  • Sizes for every shop
  • Targeting the right borrower for you!
  • Time savings to you, at your convenience!
  • Quick startup!
  • No additional equipment required!

For more information call us at 877-245-3237

In any market you need an edge
Traditionally, every marketing method has some risk involved. However, in a tough market, you need every advantage that you can. The difference between simply surviving and thriving is a thin line. Hot transfer leads give you the edge that you can use to thrive in this market.

The transfer process is the key in giving you that edge:

  • The consumer fills out a information request online.
  • U.S.- based call agents phone the consumer to qualify and confirm their interest.
  • The consumer agrees to speak to a Loan Officer.
  • The consumer is transferred LIVE to you!
  • You make the deal!

We get it, and you will too. Don’t just buy ordinary Mortgage leads, start closing Hot Transfer leads today - 877-245-3237.

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Introducing LeadXL

The next revolution in Internet mortgage lead generation has arrived

The next revolution in Internet mortgage lead generation has arrived
The LeadXL™ suite are data products designed to enhance, analyze and audit your existing lead flow, from any source, in real time. With LeadXL™ you’ll maximize your current marketing and lead purchase investment automatically.

LeadXL is eight products in three basic categories:

Lead Enhance

Real, actionable data added to your leads, from any source, in real time
Could you do better with your leads if you had more information about the consumer? With LeadEnhance, you’ll be well armed to make better decisions and a higher ROI today.

  • Property Link - Providing you with ownership, property characteristics, existing lender/loans, and prior sales.
  • True Equity - Giving you real property value, equity, (or over equity indicator), top-in-class AVM’s

Lead Enhance
Highly predictive modeling that lets you target your sales efforts for maximum ROI
What if there was a way to prioritize your leads based on hard data, not speculation or arrival time. With LeadAnalytics by, there is!

  • LeadScore - Increase funding's by 25% to 88% by calling the leads most likely to close first
  • PayScore - Identify who is in position to fund by discovering their income in real time

Lead Enhance
Understand what Lead tracking that reveals your best performers and lets you cut costs.
Would you like to discover new opportunities in your “dead” leads? Would you like to know what happened to ALL of your leads after you’ve worked them? Now with LeadAudit, you can.

  • LeadPerformance - Automatic, accurate funding rates for all your lead providers. Know who to keep and who to cut.
  • VendorWatch - Up to 20% of the leads you purchase have already funded at the purchase date. Eliminate these with VendorWatch.
  • LeadWatch - 30+% of your leads fund after 60 days. Automatically target these with LeadWatch
  • LeadRescue - Revive your dead leads to work only the ones that can still close at a fraction of the cost of a new lead

LeadXL - Don’t change your leads, make your leads perform! To set up a free no obligation demo, please call us at 877-245-3237

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Aged & Vintage Loan Leads
On a tight budget but still need mortgage leads?

Older mortgage leads don’t have to be boring
Did you know that the majority of Internet mortgage leads close after 60 days? How do we know? Simple; We track the closings of our leads through our partnership with First American CoreLogic, (the largest source of real estate data in the U.S.).

So the question is, if most lenders work their mortgage leads for only about two weeks, who closes the 60 day old leads?

Low cost, high return
Our low cost Aged Data Leads offer quality, consumer initiated mortgage leads with the best marketing value on the Internet. Because leads come through our system with ever changing demand on state or area code sorts, quality and viable leads can be left unsold. This does not diminish the consumer's needs, in fact, just the opposite; the consumer is anxiously waiting to discuss their needs with a qualified broker. Save overhead with low prices while receiving great quality leads.

We’ll make your sales soar
In any market environment, your success and your marketing companies success are tied. In such a tough market, make sure that you go with an industry leader! Don’t gamble with a company that may or may not be around when you need them!

We’ll go the extra mile for you! If you’ve been burned before, give us a call at 877-245-3237. Our rep’s are informative, courteous, and will be more than happy to explain our philosophy on customer service, and our extensive lead replacement policy! Let us prove to you that older mortgage leads don’t need to be boring!

Don’t just buy ordinary aged Mortgage leads, start closing Vintage Plus leads today

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