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Life Insurance Leads

Now you can buy one insurance lead with enough detailed information to offer two products: Traditional life insurance and mortgage protection insurance.

Life Insurance Plus leads start as real-time insurance leads,
collected from one of’s network of over 185 websites. Once the lead is submitted by a consumer,, using an exclusive process with its parent company, with First American Financial Corporation, scans for matching mortgage information from a database of over 190 million homes then appends relevant information to the lead. This exclusive process gives insurance agents the detailed information necessary to prepare a mortgage protection insurance quote before the first call.

Having an edge over the competition
in today’s extremely competitive market means the difference between closing a deal and losing it. Agents empowered with Life Plus leads spend less time on the phone in the discovery process and are able to sell more. Agents find their closing rates improve, too, when they offer customers more options.

In today’s changing market,
consumers are facing increasing mortgage payments and have limited refinance options. This means fewer homeowners are in position to pay off their homes, putting them at risk of passing a large debt on to their loved ones in the event of their death. With a better understanding of a homeowner’s financial liabilities, insurance agents using Life Plus leads can provide the products and services homeowners need to ensure there is no disruption for their family when they pass away.

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